Kutsuki Tsunaeda (朽木綱条)

Tsunaeda KUTSUKI was the eleventh lord of the Fukuchiyama Domain in Tanba Province. The twelfth head of the Kutsuki family in the Fukuchiyama Domain.

He wa born on November 22, 1801, as the first son of Tomotsuna KUTSUKI, the ninth lord of the Domain. Since his father died in 1802, he was adopted in 1804 and raised by Tsunakata KUTSUKI, the tenth lord of the Domain. It is said that he was very smart from early on and studied under Issai SATO. On July 5, 1821, he took over as head of the family and became the eleventh lord of the Domain due to Tsunakata's retirement.

He served several important positions by being appointed as Osaka-kaban (a person to guard Osaka-jo Castle) in 1823 and sojaban (an official in charge of the ceremonies) in 1827, and was expected to become roju (member of shogun's council of elders) in the future. However, this cost a lot and years of poor harvest continued in his territory, and he suffered from financial difficulties. He died on July 11, 1836, ahead of his foster father. Died at the age of 36.

His adopted son Tsunaharu KUTSUKI succeeded him.