Kutsuki Tsunakata (朽木綱方)

Tsunakata KUTSUKI was the tenth lord of the Fukuchiyama Domain in Tanba Province. The eleventh head of the Kutsuki family in the Fukuchiyama Domain.

He was born on February 13, 1787, as the second son of Masatsuna KUTSUKI, the eighth lord of the Domain. When Tomotsuna KUTSUKI, the ninth lord of the Domain, died in December 1802, he became the adopted son of Tomotsuna and took over as head of the family on February 3, 1803 and became the tenth lord of the Domain. However, he was very young at that time and a relative of his, Noriyasu MATSUDAIRA, acted as his guardian for a while.

During the time of Tsunakata, a lot of disasters such as the great fire in 1807 occurred and the financial situation of the clan began to deteriorate. Because of such difficulties Tsunakata lost interest in politics and retired and let his adopted son Tsunaeda KUTSUKI to take over as head of the family on July 5, 1821; he served as the guardian of his son afterward.

He died on March 22, 1838. Died at the age of 53.