Kanehira Tsunanori (兼平綱則)

Tsunanori KANEHIRA (year of birth unknown - 1625) was a busho (Japanese military commander) who lived from the Azuchi-Momoyama period to the Edo period. He was a vassal of the Tsugaru clan, a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) in Mutsu Province. He was one of Oura Sanro (three excellent chief retainers of the Tsugaru-Oura family) along with Nobumoto MORIOKA and Nobukiyo OGASAWARA. His official rank and another name were Izu no kami and Chusho.


The Kanehira family started when Morisumi KANEHIRA, a younger brother of the head of the Oura clan Morinobu OURA, owned the territory of Kanehira Village, where he built his castle (Kanehira-tate), and changed his family name to 'Kanehira.'


As one of Oura Sanro he labored for Tamenobu OURA and often distinguished himself in wars. The major wars he joined were the attack on Watoku-jo Castle, Namioka-jo Castle, Daikoji-jo Castle, the Battle of the Roppa-gawa River and the attack on Inakadate-jo Castle.