Honami Tsunehisa (穂波経尚)

Tsunehisa HONAMI (September 23, 1646 – July 21, 1706) was a court noble of the Edo period.

He founded the Honami family which originated from an important noble family, the Tosho family (the Kajuji branch of the Takafuji line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan).


Tsunehisa was the second son of Gon Dainagon (provisional chief councilor of state) Tsunehiro KAJUJI. His mother was a daughter of Hatamoto (a direct retainer of the Edo bakufu) Masazumi TOKUNAGA. His adopted son, Jibukyo (a ceremonial occasion manager who doesn't participate in the court council) Harunobu HONAMI was the second son of Gon Chunagon (provisional vice-councilor of state) Koretaka KAJUJI.

Tsunehisa initially called himself Tsunehisa KAJUJI, later changed the family name to Kaijusen after Kaijusen-ji Temple, and in the Kanbun era, changed again to Honami.

He served as Junii Gon Chunagon (provisional vice-councilor at junior second rank).