Ishizuka Tsunemasa (石束毎雅)

Tsunemasa ISHIZUKA (石束 毎雅, 1700 - July 3, 1752) was a samurai in the middle of the Edo period. Although he was Hitto karo (the head of chief retainers) of the Kyogoku family of Toyooka clan, he left the domain because the confrontation with the lord of the domain Takanaga KYOGOKU had become very serious. His father was Tsuneaki ISHIZUKA. His mother was the daughter of Takafusa NAKATANI. He had the son named Tsunetaka ISHIZUKA. He had common names such as Ichigaku, Gengoemon, and Uemon.

Although Tsunemasa had taken over the post of Hitto karo of the Toyooka clan from his father Tsuneaki, and he had gotten married to Marihime, the daughter of the former lord of the domain Takasumi KYOGOKU, the confrontation with the present lord of the domain Takanaga KYOGOKU had become very serious regarding the reformation of the domain duties, and so in 1747 he resigned his position as karo and left the Toyooka domain. After that, he retired from the world to live in Kyoto, and in 1752 he died there. He was buried in Myoshin-ji Temple in Kyoto. His homyo (a Buddhist name given to a person who has died or has entered the priesthood) is Keitoku-inden Rissho ?haku Koji (馨徳院殿立所?伯居士).