Niimi Uichiro (新美卯一郎)

Uichiro NIIMI (January 12, 1879 - January 24, 1911) was a socialist of the Meiji Period. He is one of the 12 convicts of those who were executed for Kotoku Incident.

Brief Personal History
He was born in Kumamoto Prefecture. He graduated from Kumamoto Prefectural Seiseiko High School. He dropped out of Tokyo Senmon Gakko (Tokyo Vocational College). He started publishing "Kumamoto Hyoron" (Kumamoto Review) in 1907 with Uitta MATSUO. He provided newspaper space for the Land Reinstatement Comrade Organization formed by Tamizo MIYAZAKI (1865 - 1928, the second elder brother of Toten MIYAZAKI). He was arrested for Kotoku Incident in 1910, and his death penalty by hanging was carried out at Tokyo Prison on January 24, 1911, at 8:55 AM. Died at the age of 32.