Matsuo Uitta (松尾卯一太)

Uitta MATSUO (January 27, 1879 - January 24, 1911) was a socialist. He is one of the 12 convicts of those who were executed for Kotoku Incident.

Brief Personal History
He was born in Kumamoto Prefecture. He graduated from Kumamoto Prefectural Seiseiko High School. He started publishing "Kumamoto Hyoron" (Kumamoto Review) in 1907 with Uichiro NIIMI, as the publisher and the editor of the newspaper (ceased publication on September 20, 1908). In 1909, he moved to Tokyo and published "Heimin Hyoron" (The Reviews of Commoners), but the newspaper was placed under a ban. He was implicated in Kotoku Incident in 1910, and later he was executed. Died at the age of 31.