Yamana Ujikiyo (山名氏清)

Ujikiyo YAMANA (1344 - January 24, 1392 (December 30, 1391 by the old calendar)) was a Shugo Daimyo (Warlord with complete control over regional government) during the Period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). Ujikiyo was the son of Tokiuji YAMANA.

Brief Personal History

During the rule of the 2nd generation Shogun Yoshiakira ASHIKAGA, the Yamana clan, headed by Tokiuji YAMANA, returned from the Southern Court to the Muromachi Bakufu and was placed in charge of the constabulary of the province. In 1371, when Tokiuji passed away, Ujikiyo's younger brother, Tokiyoshi YAMANA, became the head of the Yamana clan, and Ujikiyo was appointed constable of the provinces of Tanba and Izumi. Ujikiyo was disappointed by his failure to become the head of the clan and was constantly involved in confrontations with Tokiyoshi.

When Tokiyoshi died in 1389, his son, Tokihiro YAMANA, succeeded him. Following the fall from power of Yoriyuki HOSOKAWA, who was Kanrei (Shogun's deputy), during the Koryaku no Seihen (the Koryaku Coup), the third Shogun Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, who was alarmed about the Yamana clan gaining power and taking advantage of the situation in the Yamane clan after the death of Tokiyoshi, ordered Ujikiyo and his nephew Mitsuyuki YAMANA to subdue Tokihiro and Ujiyuki YAMANA; as ordered, Ujikiyo expelled Tokihiro. Thereafter, however, Yoshimitsu pardoned Tokihiro and Ujiyuki, and even blamed Mitsuyuki YAMANA for subduing Tokihiro. Ujikiyo was asked by Mitsuyuki to join a revolt, and, while he was not too enthusiastic about it, he joined Yoshimasa and Ujiie YAMANA to form an army which attacked Kyoto in December 1391. The battle took place within the boundaries of Kyoto, and the Bakufu force, organized by powerful constables such as Yoshihiro OUCHI, Yoshinori AKAMATSU, and Takanori KYOGOKU, put down the revolt, and Ujikiyo died during the Meitoku no Ran (the Discord of the Meitoku Era).