Rokkaku Ujiyori (六角氏頼)

Ujiyori ROKKAKU (1326 - July 8, 1370) was a samurai (warrior) who lived in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. He was the family head of the Rokkaku clan in Omi Province (direct line of descent of the Sasaki clan). He was a son of Tokinobu ROKKAKU. He was the father of Yoshinobu ROKKAKU and Mitsutaka ROKKAKU.

As Tokinobu became a priest, Ujiyori inherited the leadership of the family at a young age and became the family head of the Rokkaku family. The Rokkaku family fell when the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) was ruined and, under the Ashikaga Administration, stayed under the Kyogoku family and, although Ujiyori assumed the position of Shugo (provincial constable) of Omi Province, the matter wasn't clear, and he fought with Doyo SASAKI of the Kyogoku family for the position of Shugo. Ujiyori was appointed to Kebiishi (Office of Police and Judicial Chief) in 1344 and established a direct lineage by taking part in battles against the army of the Southern Court.

During the Kanno Disturbance that developed from an internal discord in the Ashikaga shogunate, he belonged to the side of Takauji ASHIKAGA, who was the shogun, together with Doyo, but surrendered to the side of Tadayoshi ASHIKAGA, the true younger brother of the shogun, in 1351 when the situation became favorable for Tadayoshi's side. After the Disturbance, he became a priest and named himself Soei and resigned from the Shugo of Omi Province and assigned the position of family head to his son, Yoshinobu. Later, as Yoshinobu died young, Takanori KYOGOKU was accepted as an adopted child from the Kyogoku family and Ujiyori worked as a guardian. He came back to politics in 1354 and returned to the position of Shugo of Omi Province and also assumed the position of the Hikitsuke tonin (chairman of the court of justice).