Yamato no Aya no Koma (東漢駒)

YAMATO no Aya no Koma (year of birth unknown - 592) is a person duing the Asuka Period. He belonged to the Yamatonoaya clan, one of toraijin (people from overseas, especially from China and Korea, who settled in early Japan and introduced Continental culture to the Japanese). His kabane (hereditary title) was Atae or Atai. His father is said to have been YAMATO no Aya no Atai Iwai. According to the "hotokutaishi-Denryaku" (biography of Shotokutaishi), Koma had two aliases, Iwao and Komako.

In November 592, Koma killed Emperor Sushun as an assassin hired by SOGA no Umako. In the same month, however, it was revealed that Koma had adultery with Umako's daughter, Kawakami no irazume (one of Emperor Sushun's wife in a lower rank), and Koma was executed by Umako.
(It is said that the execution was to shut the mouth of Koma so that he couldn't speak of the assassination of Emperor Sushun.)