Hosho Yaichi (宝生弥一)

Yaichi HOSHO (July 2, 1908 - March 11, 1985) was a Nohgakushi (Noh actor) playing waki (supporting roles) of Shimogakari-Hosho-ryu school. His real name was Yaichiro MITSUMOTO.

He was born in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture as the first son of Keiichi MITSUMOTO, a Nohgakushi, waki-kata (actor playing waki) Shimogakari-Hosho-ryu school. He moved to Tokyo in 1918 and became a disciple of Arata HOSHO, iemoto (a head) of Shimogakari-Hosho-ryu school. The following year he made his debut playing the role of daijin (minister) in 'Kokaji' (the swordsmith, Noh play). In 1933 he married the second daughter of Arata HOSHO. Later he had his name entered in the Hosho family register and took the surname of HOSHO. After the death of Arata HOSHO in 1944, he became iemoto koken (guardian of head family of a school) of Akihiko HOSHO.

In 1981 he was designated as a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure). In 1984 he became a member of the Japan Art Academy. He was described as a first-class waki-kata of Nohgaku (the art of Noh) after the war.

His first son was Kan HOSHO.