Matsudaira Yasunobu (松平康信)

Yasunobu MATSUDAIRA was the second Lord of the Sakura Domain in Shimousa Province. Following his rule as the Lord of the Takatsuki Domain in Settsu Province, Yasunobu became the first Lord of the Sasayama Domain in Tanba Province. The second of the Katanohara-Matsudaira family of the Tanba-Kameyama Domain.

On March 23, 1600, in Goi of Kazusa Province, Yasunobu was born as the second son of Ienobu MATSUDAIRA who was the Lord of the Goi Domain in Kazusa Province (and was then the first Lord of the Sakura Domain in Shimousa Province.)
In 1601 Yasunobu followed his father moving to Katahara Domain in Mikawa Province. In 1612 Yasunobu was conferred a court rank of jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), and appointed Wakasa no kami (Governor of the Wakasa Province). During the Winter and Summer Sieges of Ozaka (present-day Osaka) commencing in 1614, Yasunobu kept siding with the Tokugawa.

In 1638, following his father's death, Yasunobu took over as head of his family and became the second Lord of Sakura Domain. On November 11, 1640, Yasunobu was transferred to Takatsuki Domain of Settsu Province. On August 11, 1649, Yasunobu was transferred with an additional stipend of 14,000 koku to Sasayama Domain in Tanba Province, an amount of stipend of which was 50,000 koku in total. As the Lord of Sasayama Domain, Yasunobu conducted a four-year land survey so as to establish the goson-sei system (the self-governing system of coalitions of villages), and eradicated powerful local clans who had previously wielded power over the region, thereby succeeding in fortifying the domain duties. Further, when in 1666 Takakuni KYOGOKU who was the Lord of the Miyazu Domain in Tango Province was given shogunal 'kaieki' sanction (sudden dismissal and deprivation of position, privileges and properties), Yasunobu served as the formal recipient of Miyazu-jo Castle, and was thereby promoted to jushiinoge (Junior Forth Rank, Lower Grade) on February 10, 1668.

On October 23, 1669, Yasunobu went into retirement due to old age, and transferred the head of the family to his eldest son Sukenobu. Sukenobu, however, died young in 1672, and therefore, Yasunobu appointed his grandson Nobutoshi MATSUDAIRA the third Lord of the domain and administered affairs of the domain as Nobutoshi's guardian. Nobutoshi also died young, and his younger brother Nobutsune MATSUDAIRA was appointed Lord of the Sasayama Domain anew and Yasunobu, again, continued administering domain affairs until his death on July 17, 1682. Yasunobu died at the age of 83.