Yokoyama Yasutake (横山安武)

Yasutake YOKOYAMA (1843 - August 22, 1870) was an indignant person who served in Kagoshima Domain.

Personal Profile
He was the forth son of Arihiro MORI. He used the name, Shotaro. He was the older brother of Arinori MORI. He succeeded the place of a Confucian Anyo YOKOYAMA to serve for Kagoshima Domain, and later he worked under Hisamitsu SHIMAZU as his close adviser. YOKOYAMA recommended the son of Hisamitsu for traveling to study outside of the domain, and YOKOYAMA accompanied him to Saga and Yamaguchi regions; however, YOKOYAMA was involved with an incident during this trip that some members of the Kiheitai Army dropped out of the party, and when he went back to Kagoshima for reporting the incident without getting permission of his return, he was dismissed from his position by Hisamitsu. After his dismissal, he became the disciple of Bunzo TAGUCHI.

In August 1870, YOKOYAMA directly appealed at the gate of Shugiin (a legislative body in the early Meiji period) building with a list of 10 items describing the corrupt practices of those days; after this incident, he committed seppuku (suicide by disembowelment) and died in front of the residence of Tsugaru Domain. His appeal did not reach the top officials of Meiji government.