Wakisaka Yasuteru (脇坂安照)

Yasuteru WAKISAKA was a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) in the Edo period. The second lord of the Tatsuno domain of the Province of Harima. The fourth lord of the Wakisaka family in the Tatsuno domain.

Born on March 20, 1658 as the fifth son of Yasumasa WAKIZAKA, the first lord of the domain. When the oldest brother Yasumura was disinherited due to his poor health in September 1678, he became the heir and was appointed in December the same year. On November 25, 1684, he became the lord of the domain following his father's retirement. In 1697, he served as Chokushi settai yaku (a role to invite and serve an imperial messenger).

In 1701, an accident occurred in which Naganori ASANO hurt Yoshinaka KIRA in the Edo-jo Castle. This was the beginning of the so-called 'Chushingura' (The treasury of Loyal Retainers). At that time, Yasuteru was in the position of seishi (senior envoy) of Uketori-yaku of the Ako-jo Castle which was the castle of the Asano clan. And for one and half years since then until Naohiro NAGAI was transferred as the lord of the Ako domain to replace Naganori, Yasuteru had served as the zaiban of the Ako-jo Castle (however, it is said that actually about 200 Karo (chief retainer) of the Tatsuno domain had served as the zaiban for the castle).

On November 13, 1709, he let his oldest son Yasukiyo succeed and retired. At this time, he gave 2000 koku of his territory to his fourth son Yasutoshi, so the territory of the Tatsuno domain was reduced from 53,000 koku to 51,000 koku. On September 19, 1722, he died in Tatsuno as if went after Yasukiyo, who died in February of the same year. Died at the age of 65. Grave: Rinka-in, Myoshin-ji Temple in Hanazono, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.