Matsudaira Yasuto (松平康任)

Yasuto MATSUDAIRA was a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) and roju (senior councilor) during the late Edo period. He was the third lord of Iwami Hamada Domain. He was the eighth head of the Matsui Matsudaira family.

Despite an eldest son of Yasumichi MATSUDAIRA in a branch family of hatamoto (direct retainers of the bakufu), he was adopted by Yasusada MATSUDAIRA, who did not have a son, and became the third lord of the Mikawa Matsui clan in Hamada Domain. Yasuto was taken over by his son Yasutaka MATSUDAIRA.

He held various positions as a politician in the bakufu such as jisha-bugyo (magistrate of temples and shrines), Osaka jodai (the keeper of Osaka Castle), Kyoto shoshidai (The Kyoto deputy), and roju.

Acting in concert with Tadaakira MIZUNO, a prominent figure during the Bunka and Bunsei periods, Yasuto MATSUDAIRA naturally climbed up the ranks by following in his steps and assumed a post as roju.

Like Tadaakira, Yasuto was very generous about bribery and accepted a bribe of 6,000 ryo from Sakyo SENGOKU, hitto karo (the head of chief retainers) of the Sengoku clan of Izushi Domain in Tajima Province; in consequence, he married a daughter of his brother Chikara MATSUDAIRA, a branch family of hatamoto yoriaiseki (a family rank of high-ranking hatamoto) off to Sakyo's son, Kotaro SENGOKU, which later led to his downfall.

After Tadaakira's death, Yasuto became the head of Roju, but by this time, internal factional strife had intensified between Tadakuni MIZUNO and him.

In the Sengoku Disturbance in 1834, he was involved in an improper arrangement to back up Sakyo SENGOKU and was forced to step down as roju.

Additionally, it was revealed that Hamada Domain as a whole committed the smuggling at Takeshima Island (Takeshima Incident), consequently Yasuto was renamed Shimotsuke no kami and given eichikkyo (life incarceration). Yasutaka MATSUDAIRA, who succeeded to the family after Yasuto, was soon after ordered punitive transfer to Tanagura Domain in Mutsu Province. Yasuto died at the age of 63 in 1841.

Born in 1779.

Became jisha-bugyo on October 4, in 1817. Became Osaka jodai on August 24, in 1822. Became Kyoto shoshidai in 1825. Became roju in 1826. Became the head of roju in 1834. The Sengoku Disturbance broke out in 1835. Yasuto lost his position in connection with the incident.

Died on September 7, in 1841. Died at the age of 63.