Wakisaka Yasuzumi (脇坂安清)

Yasuzumi WAKISAKA was the third lord of the Tatsuno domain of Harima Province. He was the fifth generation of the Wakisaka family of the Tatsuno domain.

He was born as the eldest son of Yasuteru, the second lord of the domain, on September 4, 1685. He received the appointment in January 1700 and succeeded to the post due to his father's retirement on December 13, 1709. On this occasion, he distributed 2,000 koku (approximately 0.36 million liters of crop yield) to his younger brother Yasuyoshi, so the Tatsuno domain turned to 51,000 koku (approximately 9.18 million liters of crop yield) from 53,000 (approximately 9.54 million liters of crop yield). He died at the age of 38 before his father on March 25, 1722 and his successor was his third son Yasuoki. Grave: Seigen-ji Temple in Aoyama. Rinka-in, Myoshin-ji Temple in Hanazono, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.