Adachi Yorikage (安達頼景)

Yorikage ADACHI was a retainer of the Kamakura Shogunate in the middle of the Kamakura period. He was a member of the Adachi Clan and the second son of Yoshikage ADACHI. Elder brother of Yasumori ADACHI.

Since his brother, Yasumori, two years his junior, took the name of "Kuro," whose name was traditionally used by the heir and son of the Adachi Clan, from the beginning, Yorikage seemed to be an illegitimate child.

In 1252, Yorikage served as a messenger who conveyed the news of Prince Munetaka's entry to Kamakura to the Imperial Court, and in 1253, at the age of 25, he became a member of Hikitsukeshu (Coadjustor of the High Court) of the shogunate together Yasumori. In June of the same year, his father Yoshikage died. In 1257, he became Tango no kuni Kokushi (Governor of Tango Province) and was ruled out as a candidate for Akitajo no suke (provincial governor of Akita-jo castle in Dewa Province), the headship of the Adachi clan.

In 1263, Yorikage was transferred to Hyoteishu (Council of State) of Rokuhara Tandai (administrative and judicial agency in Rokuhara, Kyoto) because of his deep relationship with Prince Munetaka. He entered into priesthood upon the death of Tokiyori HOJO in November 1263. In 1272, he was summoned to Kanto for his involvement in the February Riot and was confiscated of his two domains. In 1292, Yorikage died at the age of 64.

When the Shimotsuki Disturbance (internal strife among Kamakura shogunate retainers) occurred in 1285, which led to the destruction of the Adachi clan, Yorikage escaped the incident unscathed.