Hosokawa Yorimoto (細川頼元)

Yorimoto HOSOKAWA (1343 - June 2, 1397) was a Bakufu Kanrei (shogunal deputy) during the Muromachi period. His father was Yoriharu HOSOKAWA. Yoriyuki HOSOKAWA and Yoriari HOSOKAWA were his paternal half-brothers, and Yorimoto became Yoriyuki's adopted son. His legal wife was the daughter of Norisuke AKAMATSU. His children were Mitsumoto HOSOKAWA and Mitsukuni HOSOKAWA. His daughter became wife of Mototsuna USTUNOMIYA. His childhood name was Someimaru, and he was commonly called Saburo. His posthumous name is Yorimoto (as in different characters 頼基). Ukyo no daibu (Master of the Western Capital Offices).

In 1379 Yorimoto's older brother Yoriyuki HOSOKAWA was overthrown in a coup d'etat, the Koryaku Coup, whereupon Yorimoto departed for the island of Shikoku with Yoriyuki but, during the following year, Yoriyuki was pardoned by the shogun Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA and, in 1391 there was a shift in the post of kanrei (shogunal deputy) from Yoshimasa SHIBA whereupon Yoriyuki took control. Subsequently, the Hosokawa clan continued to serve in the kanrei post of the Muromachi bakfu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) as one of the Sankanrei (three families in the post of kanrei, or shogunal deputy) after Yorimoto. Died in 1397 aged 54.