Tada Yorinori (多田頼憲)

Yorinori TADA (year of birth unknown - 1156) was a warlord who lived toward the end of the Heian period. He was the third son of Sani (courtier without post) MINAMOTO no Yukikuni. He is also referred to as MINAMOTO no Yorinori. He called himself as 'Tada kurodo no daibu' (Master of Chamberlain). His older brother was Yorimori TADA, and his nephews included Yukitsuna TADA and Takayori NOSE. He was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), a Kurodo (Chamberlain), and a monjosho (student of literary studies in the Imperial University).

He came into conflict with his older brother Yorimori over the inheritance of Tada no sho estate, and Yorinori also called himself 'TADA.'
When conflicts occurred between the two brothers, FUJIWARA no Tadamichi and FUJIWARA no Yorinaga, inside Sekkan-ke (the families which produced the Regent and the Chief Adviser to the Emperor), Yorimori became a subordinate to Tadamichi whereas Yorinori became a subordinate to Yorinaga and his Koto (a secretary). By 1147, he was permitted nai-shoden (to be admitted to the inner Court) by the recommendation of Yorinaga, and by 1151, by order of Yorinaga, he also burned down a ryotei (inn or hotel) in Settsu Province which belonged to MINAMOTO no Tameyoshi, who was also a Kenin (retainers) of Yorinaga.

At the Hogen War in 1156, he took part in the army of Retired Emperor Sutoku under Yorinaga's command, and formed its main unit along with Tameyoshi and TAIRA no Tadamasa. However, when the army of Emperor Sutoku was defeated, he was taken captive and was decapitated along with his legitimate son, Moritsuna TADA.

In addition, it is written in "Heiji monogatari" (The tale of the Heiji) that a character regarded as 'Settsu no kami (the lord of Settsu Province) Yorinori TADA' had fought on the side of MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo, but whether if this character refers to Yorinori or not is unknown.