Isshiki Yoshiharu (一色義春)

Yoshiharu ISSHIKI (1466 - October 2, 1484) was a Shugo Daimyo (protector feudal lords) who lived during the Muromachi period. He was the heir of Yoshinao ISSHIKI. He was called Goro. His position was Sakyo no Daibu (Master of the Eastern Capital Offices). His mother was a daughter of Noritoyo YAMANA.

In 1473, the leaders of Eastern and Western Camps in the Onin War, Sozen YAMANA and Katsujmoto HOSOKAWA died in succession and Yoshihisa ASHIKAGA assumed the post of Shogun, wishing for peace to become stronger and the next year, in April 1474, peace was concluded between Masatoyo YAMANA and Masamoto HOSOKAWA. In the Isshiki clan, Yoshinao ISSHIKI who had fought on the Western Camp side returned his allegiance to the Eastern Camp and it was decided that Yoshinao would retire and surrender the headship of the family to his heir Yoshiharu.

According to the intercalary sixth month of the same year, Yoshiharu retrieved the position of Shugo (provincial constable) for Tango Province that had been taken by the Takeda and Hosokawa clan. In Tango, busho (Japanese military commander) under the Takeda clan and Hosokawa clan did not return the fief and a battle occurred. However, as Kuninobu TAKEDA, who was the Shugo for Wakasa Province, could not send any reinforcements because he was party to a peace treaty made in April and, therefore, ? HENMI (逸見真正) who was the leader of the Takeda Camp in Tango committed suicide in September, and they smoothly recovered the fief of the Isshiki clan in Tango.

In June 1477, as the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) gave the position of Shugoshoku for half of Ise Province, which had been given to Masasato KITABATAKE, a battle occurred in Ise between the Kitabatake Camp and Isshiki Camp in which the Kitabatake Camp won the battle.

In 1478, his father, Yoshinao, was allowed to enter the service of the bakufu and, thanks to his support, Yoshiharu was involved in the administration by the bakufu but died on October 2, 1484. He was nineteen years old. Yoshihisa, who was Shogun and trusted Yoshiharu, mourned his death and stopped performance of Sarugaku (present Noh). For Shugo for Tango, Yoshinao was reappointed.