Shiba Yoshihiro (斯波義寛)

Yoshihiro SHIBA (or Yoshito SHIBA, 1457 – May 21, 1514) was the shugo daimyo (shugo, which were Japanese provincial military governors, that became daimyo, which were Japanese feudal lords) during the late Muromachi period. He was an eldest legitimate son of Yoshitoshi SHIBA, and his mother was Ie no Nyobo (a lady-in-waiting). His childhood name was Matsuomaru. His original name was Yoshisuke (or Yoshinaga).
His name was also read as 'Yoshihiro.'
He had two brothers and a sister; Hiromoto SHIBA, Yoshio SHIBA, and Yoshitaka SHIBA's wife. His lawful wife was Yoshinao ISSHIKI's daughter. His children were Yoshitatsu SHIBA, Yoshizumi ASHIKAGA's wife, and Akikuni MURAKAMI's wife(村上顕国室). His kanto (government service) were Jushinoge (Junior Fourth Lank, Lower Grade), Jibu taifu (Senior Assistant Minister of the Ministry of the Civil Administration), and Sahyoe no suke (Assistant Capta in of the Left Division of Middle Palace Guards). Shugo (Japanese provincial military governors) of Echizen Province, Owari Province and Totomi Province.

Succession to the position of family head and deprivation in the early childhood

In August, 1459, his father Yoshitoshi made Shogun Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA angry and was deprived of his position as shugoshiki (military governor) of 3 provinces, and secluded to the Ouchi clan, therefore Yoshihiro SHIBA succeeded the reigns of the Shiba family and shugoshiki of 3 provinces at the age of 3 under Echizen shugo the Kai clan's support.

However, in September 1461, Yoshihiro SHIBA was disinherited and left to Kikeishinzui of Shokoku-ji Temple as chigo (temple acolytes) by Yoshimasa according to the 7th family head Takakage ASAKURA's scheme.

Onin war

In July 1466, he returned to secular life due to his father Yoshitoshi's restitution, and in the Onin war, he belonged to Eastern Camp and went down to Echizen Province with his grandfather Mochitane SHIBA and father Yoshitoshi, and attacked Yoshikado SHIBA, who belonged to Western Camp of the same province.

In December 1472, he celebrated his coming of age, and changed his name to Yoshisuke. In 1475, he met shogun Yoshihisa ASHIKAGA, and in the same year, he went down Totomi Province with the Kai clan, who became the governor of Totomi Province, and battled against Yoshitada IMAGAWA who invaded this province.

In the next year, after Yoshitada's death in action, he paid more attention to Echizen, that war was just suppressed by Takakage ASAKURA, and left from Kyoto to Echizen together with his uncle Yoshitaka SHIBA, the Kai clan and the Ninomiya clan in September 4, 1479 and battled there until 1481. However, in September 15 of the same year, they were totally defeated by Asakura side and ruined to Kaga Province, so they failed to recover Echizen.

In March 1483, he entered Kiyosu of Owari Province and located there as his home ground. In 1485, he changed his name to Yoshihiro, in the same year, his father Yoshitoshi became a priest so he succeeded him as the shugo (provincial military governor) of Owari Province and Totomi Province.

Desperate efforts to recover Echizen Province

In 1487, when Yoshihisa ASHIKAGA attacked to Takayori ROKKAKU, Yoshihiro SHIBA joined this war as Yoshihisa side with 8,000 of soldiers on the sake of showing his loyalty for bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by shogun) and appealed them to recover Echizen Province, however they refused his require. In 1491, Yoshitane ASHIKAGA attacked Takayori ROKKAKU and Yoshihiro joined the war with large force and required bakufu again to take back Echizen Province. At that time, it was rumored that Yoshiki departed for Echizen to take back and the things advanced in his favor, however, because bakufu feared the Asakura clan's military force, they couldn't get back Echizen after all.

Yoshihiro also served in the Yoshiki's attack against Yoshitoyo HATAKEYAMA in Kawachi Province in 1493, but he was involved in the coups (Coup of Meio) by Masamoto HOSOKAWA, Kanrei (a shogunal deputy)and was insulated from bakufu because he was in close association with Yoshiki. From the next year, Ujichika IMAGAWA, who associated with Masamoto HOSOKAWA, started to invade Totomi Province, so Yoshihiro tried to meet this, but the battle of Funada occurred in the neighboring country, Mino, in 1494 and Owari Province was involved in this battle, therefore it was impossible for him to depart for Totomi Province.

From about 1500 when the political situation of Owari Province was stable, he changed a strategy; changed in New Shogun Yoshizumi AHIKAGA group from Yoshiki group, got Masamoto HOSOKAWA's support, appealed to Akisada UESUGI, Kanto Kanrei (a shogunal deputy for the Kanto region) for cooperation, and planed to attack the Imagawa clan from the east and west. In 1501, Yoshihiro dispatched his two brothers named Hiromoto and Yoshio to Totomi Province and attacked there. However, his name disappeared from the historical materials soon and his later movement is unknown. It is said that he died in 1514.

Job grades and titles
In August 1459, he inherited the Shiba family and assumed shugo of Echizen, Owari, and Totomi.

In September 1461, he was deprived of the reigns of the family and shugoshiki (military of governor).

In December 1472, he celebrated his coming of age.
Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Jibu taifu (Senior Assistant Minister of the Ministry of the Civil Administration)

In April 1485, Jushiinoge, Sahyoe no suke.
Succession of the Shiba family

Following names were people who were granted to use a portion of the real name of Yoshihiro SHIBA.

Hirosada (Tosada) ODA

Hirohiro (Tohiro) ODA

Hiromura (Tomura) ODA

Sukenobu (Naganobu) ODA