Washio Yoshihisa (鷲尾義久)

Yoshihisa WASHIO (year of birth unknown - May 17, 1189?) is a samurai who lived toward the end of the Heian period. He was a retainer of MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune. His common name was Saburo. According to some sources, his real name was Tsuneharu.

He appears on the scene of 'An Old Horse' in "The Tale of the Heike" (the version edited by Kakuichi AKASHI). It is said that before becoming a retainer of Yoshitsune he did hunting in the mountains of the Harima Province for living. Yoshitsune's army defeated TAIRA no Sukemori's army in the Battle of Mikusayama in 1184. After this victory Yoshitsune wanted to keep marching in the mountains; so he summoned Yoshihisa who was familiar with the region and used him as a guide. Yoshitsune and his party arrived at Hiyodorigoe and they were able to gain a great victory in the Battle of Ichi no Tani. This victory owes a lot to Yoshitsune who guided the troops and it is said that Yoshitsune gave him the name 'Yoshihisa,' which had a part of his own name, as a prize for the big role he played in the battle.

Since then Yoshihisa followed Yoshitsune as a faithful retainer and it is said that he died with his lord at Koromogawa no Tachi, the residence of the Oshu Fujiwara clan.