Shiba Yoshikado (斯波義廉)

Yoshikado SHIBA (date of birth and death unknown) was a shugo daimyo (a Japanese provincial military governor who became a feudal lord) in the mid to late Muromachi period. He was the kanrei (shogun's deputy). His original surname was Genji. Yoshikado SHIBA was born to the Shibukawa clan, a branch of the Ashikaga clan which was descended from Kawachi-Genji (Minamoto clan) and Seiwa-Genji (Minamoto clan). Later, Yoshikado succeeded to the Shiba clan, a part of the Ashikaga clan. His father was Yoshikane SHIBUKAWA, a Kanto tandai (a high-ranking official with governmental, judiciary or military responsibilities within the Kanto region), who accompanied Masatomo ASHIKAGA, Horigoe Kubo (the shogunal deputy based in Horigoe, Izu Province), to Musashi Province. It is said that his mother was a daughter of the Yamana clan. He had two wives, Sozen YAMANA's daughter and Takakage ASAKURA (the seventh family head of the ASAKURA clan) 's daughter. His official rank was Jibu taifu (Senior Assistant Minister of the Ministry of the Civil Administration) and Sahyoe no suke (Deputy of the Left Division of the Middle Palace Guards).

Succession to the head of the clan

In 1459, Yoshitoshi SHIBA, the head of the Shiba clan, was removed from his position as head of the clan by Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA, the 8th shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate who was angry about the conflict between Yoshitoshi and Jochi KAI, the shugodai (deputy military governor) and the vassal of the SHIBA clan. Yoshihiro SHIBA, Yoshitoshi's son, succeeded him as the head of the clan. In 1461, after Matsuomaru was disinherited, Yoshikado succeeded him as the head of the Shiba clan by order of the shogun Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA as he descended from the Ashikaga clan as well as the Shiba clan, and his great-grandmother was the daughter of Yoshiyuki SHIBA. He was also the shugo (military governor) of Owari Province, Echizen Province and Totomi Province.

Downfall and Reinstatement

Having been pardoned by amnesty due to the death of Yoshimasa's mother, Yoshitoshi tried to stage a comeback with the support of Norihiro OUCHI, the governor of Suo Province. He had a meeting with Yoshimasa in Kyoto and Yoshimasa ordered Yoshikado to return Yoshitoshi to the position of the shugo (military governor) of the three provinces. As Sozen YAMANA, Yoshikado's son-in-law, supported Yoshikado, Yoshitoshi had Katsumoto HOSOKAWA, the kanrei (shogun's deputy) on his side. The conflict in the SHIBA clan was one of the factors that caused the Onin War, in connection with the succession dispute in the ASHIKAGA shogun's clan and the dispute in the HATAKEYAMA clan. Through Yoshitoshi's downfall in the Bunsho Coup during the Onin War, Yoshikado assumed the position of the kanrei (shogun's deputy) in February 1467 after the resignation of Masanaga HATAKEYAMA.

The Onin War and Yoshikado after the war

In June 1467, the Onin War began in Kyoto City. Yoshikado, who belonged to the western army led by Sozen YAMANA, fought in different places. In 1471, Takakage ASAKURA (the seventh family head of the Asakura clan), one of the powerful vassals, went over to the eastern army, and the bakufu (Japanese shogun-led feudal government) hunted him down. Having had support from Toshihiro ODA, the governor of Owari-no-kamishigun, Yoshikado left for the minor province of Owari. He drove Toshisada ODA, the governor of Owari-no-shimoshigun who belonged to the eastern army, and his followers out of Owari-no-shimoshigun for a period of time. However, in 1478, when Toshisada was exiled to a minor province by the Muromachi bakufu, he lost his supporters and went missing. Under the authority of the Asakura clan, Yoshitoshi, one of Yoshikado's sons succeeded as the head of both the Kuratani clan and the Ashikaga clan, which are descended from the Muromachi shogunate family. There is a strong view that he moved to Echizen Province as he was the nominal sovereign of the region.

Records of Yoshikado's government posts and court ranks
*Japan's old lunisolar calendar is used for the dates shown below. In March, 1461 - succeeded as the head of the Shiba clan and assumed the governorship of the three provinces: Echizen, Owari and Totomi.

In August 1466 - dismissed as the head of the three provinces.

In October 1466 - succeeded again to the position of the family head. Returned as the governor of the three provinces: Echizen, Owari and Totomi.

On February 21, 1467 - became the kanrei (shogun's deputy) of the bakufu. In June 1467 - transferred and held the position of Sahyoe no suke (Deputy of the Left Division of the Middle Palace Guards).

On August 12, 1468 - resigned as the kanrei.