Oishi Yoshitaka (大石良欽)

Yoshitaka OISHI (1618 - February 27, 1677) was a samurai warrior in the early part of the Edo period. He was the head retainer of the Ako Asano family. He was grandfather of famous Yoshio OISHI who was mentioned in the Japanese classic text Chushingura (The treasury of Loyal Retainers). His common name was Kuranosuke.

He was born as the legitimate son of Yoshikatsu OISHI, Hitto karo (the head of chief retainers) of the Ako Asano family. His mother was daughter of Yoshisada OISHI.

In August 1650, his father Yoshikatsu passed away whereupon he inherited the 1,500 koku family estate and Karo (chief retainers) role. In 1661 the Kyoto imperial palace was burnt down whereupon the lord of the Asano domain Naganao ASANO was ordered to construct a new palace; however, Yoshitaka stood in for Naganao, proceeded to Kyoto and oversaw the construction. The completed palace was spectacular and the end product apparently praised by Emperor Gosai.

Yoshitaka's wife was a daughter of Tadakatsu TORII (son of Mototada TORII, who fought at Fushimi Castle during the Battle of Sekigahara, and a vassal of his brother Tadamasa TORII)
Between them they had 7 children: Yoshiaki OISHI (legitimate child and successor of the Oishi family), Yoshizumi OYAMA (second son who became retainer of the Asano family of Hiroshima Domain), Yoshikazu OYAMA (third son and foot soldier of 300 koku in Ako Domain), Cho (eldest daughter, wife of Masanori KONDO, the chief retainer of the Ako domain), Yoshitsugi OISHI (fourth son who became chief retainer of the Matsudaira family in the Takamatsu Domain, Tsuu (second daughter and wife of Toshimoto SHINDO) and Chiyomatsu (third daughter and wife of Kichidayu SHINDO, a feudal retainer of Hiroshima Domain. In 1673 eldest son Yoshiaki passed away so, Yoshiaki `s eldest son Yoshio OISHI became the adopted heir.

Died on February 27, 1677. Age at death: 60.
His grave is located at Kagaku-ji temple in Ako city
Posthumous Buddhist name was 清巌院殿龍山宗雲居士
Yoshio OISHI inherited the Oishi family estate and the role of Asano family Karo (chief retainer).

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