Yoshiyuki KANZE (the third) (観世喜之 (3世))

Yoshiyuki KANZE the third (June 2, 1935-) is a Noh actor of Kanze ryu Shite kata (a main actor of the Kanze school in Noh play). He is presently the fourth head of the Yarai Kanze family, the Kanze Kyukokai Party. His real name is Keisuke KANZE.

He was adopted by Yoshiyuki KANZE the second to study under him. He succeeded the Kanze Kyukokai Party from his adoptive father to act based on Yarai Nohgaku-do Theater. He is good at emotional act as in Yobanme-mono (the fourth category plays) and accurate dance as in Sanbanme-mono (the third). He received an Excellence Award of Arts Festival by Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2003 for his act in 'Sotoba Komachi' (Komachi at the Gravepost). In 2005, he earned an Award of the Japan Art Academy (of 2004). He is a member of Japan Noh Association and the chairman of Kanze Kyukokai Association.

His oldest son is Yoshimasa KANZE.