Nenoi Yukichika (根井行親)

Yukichika NENOI (year of birth unknown - March 11, 1184) was a busho (Japanese military commander) who lived during the late Heian period. He was from a branch of the Mochizuki clan: a distinguished family in the eastern Shinano, which was descended from the Shigeno clan. He was an influential retainer of MINAMOTO no Yoshinaka, and one of Yoshinaka Shitenno (four most loyal retainers of Yoshinaka). Some people say that he was the same person as Yukichika UNNO (also called Yukichika SHIGENO) who was a direct descendant of the Shigeno clan.

It is said that he took a lively part in the Hogen War under MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo's command.

He took up arms at Yoda-jo Castle in Maruko, Chiisagata County, Shinano Province in 1180, and then took part in battles in various places following Yoshinaka. He defeated TAIRA no Michimori, TAIRA no Tsunemasa and so on in the Battle of Suizu in October 1181. It is said that he participated in the Battle of Uji River in 1184 and died in a losing cause at almost the same time with other busho of his family. In this battle, he shot the horse (named Surusumi) of Shigetada HATAKEYAMA, busho on the side of Yoritomo, who was in the scramble to be in the van.

A memorial tower for Yukichika exists in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture.