Akasaka Yukikiyo (赤坂幸清)

Yukikiyo AKASAKA (year of birth unknown - 1336) was a Japanese military commander in Hoki Province from the late Kamakura period to the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. His government post was Kamon no suke (Assistant Director at the Bureau of Palace Upkeep).

Yukikiyo was a member of a powerful local clan, which had dominated around Nakayama Town, Yabase District, Hoki Province (present-day Daisen Town in Saihaku District, and Kotoura Town and Akasaki Town in Tohaku District) from around the late Kamakura period.

In 1333, when the Nakayama-jo Castle on the side of Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) was captured after Mt. Senjo, and Shigeyuki KASUYA's family retreated, he entered into the Nakayama-jo Castle instead of them and established his influence there.

In 1336, Yukikiyo joined Nagatoshi NAWA's army to fight against Takauji ASHIKAGA's army; however, he defeated and died in battle near Omiya in Kyoto.

At present, there is a group of Gorinto (five-ringed stupa) in Kotoura Town, which is said to be the Akasaka family's grave; one of them is probably Yukikiyo's.

Personal profile
The common profile of Yukikiyo is that he was an ardent devotee of the Daisen-ji Temple. Since Yukikiyo lived near Daisen Gongen (the Ogamiyama-jinja Shrine), he always craved for visiting the shrine. However, because he died in battle in 1336, his wish could not be fulfilled. In addition, there was a proverb based on this episode in Hoki Province (probably its western part) in the Edo period, saying, "It is Kamon-dono's visit to Daisen that remains unsettled," which was used for the meaning of "to put things off."