Kujo Yukinori (九条幸教)

Yukinori KUJO (July 2, 1700 - July 3, 1728) was a Court noble who lived during the Edo period. His father was Sukezane KUJO. His mother was Imperial Princess Masuko. Morotaka KUJO and Naozane KUJO were his brothers. He called himself Muryosinin (無量信院). Tanemoto KUJO and Munemoto NIJO were his sons. His wife was Senhime (Yoshimichi TOKUGAWA's second daughter who was adopted by Tsugutomo TOKUGAWA). His court official rank was Junii (Junior Second Rank).

Brief Personal History

He was born to Sukezane KUJO in 1700. He rose to the rank of Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) on August 19, 1717. He held various posts such as Naidaijin (Minister of the Center) (1726 - 1728). He died in 1728.