Chichibu no kuni no miyatsuko (regional governor in ancient Japan) (知々夫国造)

Chichibu no kuni no miyatsuko (知々夫国造) was a kuni no miyatsuko, who ruled the west part of Musashi Province. It was also written as 秩父国造.


Omoikane no mikoto. A son of Takamimusubi no mikoto.
There is a theory that identifies Omoikane no mikoto with Amenokoyane no mikoto. According to "Kuni no miyatsuko hongi," Chichibu no kuni no mikoto, the 10th descendant from Omoikane no mikoto, was appointed as Chichibu no kuni no miyatsuko during the reign of Emperor Sujin.


It was probably the Ootomobe clan. Kabane was Atai.


Chichibu no Kori, Musashi Province. The present Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture.


The Chichibu-jinja shrine. The enshrined deity is Yagoromoomoikane no mikoto.


Amanouehara, Amanoshitahara: Active during the reign of Emperor Keiko. They are supposed to be the ancestor of the Ootomobe clan, and cooked for the Emperor under the order of Iwakamutsuakri no mikoto.

OOTOMOBE no Akao: The regional powerful clan in Iruma, Musashi Province during the Nara period.
Outer Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade
He was supposedly a descendant from Chichibunokuninomiyatsuko.