Omote Yuhitsu (表右筆)

Omote Yuhitsu was one of the office organizations of Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun). They served as amanuenses of bakufu. That was paired with Oku Yuhitsu.

Originally in Edo bakufu, yuhitsu served as close adviser to Seii Taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians") writing gonaisho (a letter issued over the signature of the shogun), hosho (a document for informing lower-rank people of the decision of upper people such as an emperor or shogun), making a fair copy of hatto (law) and preparing official documents under the orders of roju (member of shogun's council of elders), but when Tsunayoshi TOKUGAWA became shogun, he brought yuhitsu of the time of Tatebayashi Domain to Edo-jo Castle and involved in his secrets instead of existing yuhitsu. Therefore existing yuhitsu were called 'omote yuhitsu' and new yuhitsu were called 'oku yuhitsu' and they had different duties and the important duties around shogun were imposed on oku yuhitsu. After that, a practice was established in which the successor was chosen from omote yuhitsu when 'oku yuhitsu' had a vacant position, and the official duties began to be divided.

Therefore omote yuhitsu became just a amanuensis of bakufu and their duties began to be limited to make roju hosho, bakufu nikki (diary of bakufu), Shuinjyo (a vermillion seal letter), autographic signature and to make fair copy of furegaki (bakufu orders) (about 400 pieces) to distribute from bakufu across the country and to manage Bugencho (Registers of vassals) of daimyo (feudal lords) and list of shogun's retainers such as hatamoto (direct retainers of the Edo bakufu).

Omote yuhitsu were composed of 2 or 3 kumigashira (a head of the group) (300 bales of yakudaka [salary paid in accordance with the rank of one's post]) and about 30 omote yuhitsu (150 bales of yakudaka).